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according to the herald Marty Hutsell, the decorated high school wrestling coach who coached Tomlinson in high school, firmly believes Tomlinson could have been America best heavyweight wrestler. Indiana, where Hutsell and his brother wrestled, tried to pitch Tomlinson on a football wrestling combo. Had Tomlinson taken that route, he might have a red, white and Gymshark logo png blue singlet in his closet. If you're looking for a young offensive tackle with the potential to attract serious interest from scouts down the road, you should pay close attention to Clark's development this fall.

The massive offensive tackle possesses the prototypical physical dimensions that scouts covet, while also displaying better than anticipated footwork and african Pit Viper body control. With Texas Tech's wide open offense providing him with plenty of opportunities to master his craft in pass protection, alegria shoes clogs scouts have already circled his name heading into the fall..